Sunday, 9 December 2012

Upcoming lectures

In light of my research, the following lectures will take place in 2013.

During the European Clarinet Festival (which will take place in Ghent, Belgium, from January 17-19), I will do a Lecture-Performance on January 19: "Extended vocal techniques related to the 20th and 21st century repertoire for clarinet and voice."

See the festival's website for more information.

On Saturday, March 16, I will give a workshop for EVTA-BE in Ghent.
The subject is: "Through variety of musical styles discover a specific musical score through improvisation techniques".
A spectrogram will be taken of a fragment of a musical classical vocal score. After the workshop another spectrogram will be taken. Different methods and techniques of improvisation will be explored and applied into fragments of the graphical score of the Aria from John Cage.

On March 28, on the occasion of IPEM 50, there will also be a Lecture-Performance in the "Miryzaal" of the Conservatory in Ghent. More info will follow.

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