Sunday 3 May 2015

May 10 -14:2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics

Artistic Performance Françoise Vanhecke

Soprano Françoise Vanhecke is a contemporary, daring, power performing and creative artist. She works closely with composers from around the world. She developed a new extended technique, ISFV® Inhaling Singing, which is part of her doctoral research at the University College, School of Arts; IPEM - Dept. of musicology, Ghent University. She appears on the show bills of the world’s leading music festivals and theatres and received different international awards. Françoise Vanhecke will perform music by Händel, Mozart, Puccini, Satie and Irma Bilbao and will play the ocean-drum and the Theremin.

More information: May 10 -14:2015 International Congress on Ultrasonics.

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