Friday 4 May 2018

05 May – 27 May 2018: theatre show "Tristesses" at Odéon, théâtre de l'Europe, Paris.


A show by Anne-Cécile Vandalem (Das Fräulein (Kompanie))

With Vincent Cahay, Anne-Pascale Clairembourg, Epona Guillaume, Selene Guillaume alternating with Asia Amans, Pierre Kissling, Vincent Lécuyer, Catherine Mestoussis alternating with Zoé Kovacs, Jean-Benoit Ugeux, Anne-Cécile Vandalem alternating with Florence Janas, Françoise Vanhecke and Alexandre Von Sivers.

"Tristesses":if the name is here plural, it means that it is both that of a Scandinavian island, a police suspense, a political symptom. The island is hardly imaginary. Anne-Cécile Vandalem has located a fable for our time. Martha Heiger, leader of the Popular Awakening Party and favorite of the next elections, returns to Tristesses to repatriate the body of her mother on the continent. But why did Ida commit suicide while hanging on to the Danish flag? And what does her daughter really do? "Tristesses" being also a Nordic thriller, we will not reveal more here, but the isolated houses on the night of the set are the scenery of a drama where outdoor stage and indoor filmed alternate on a pace worthy of the best series. Finally, Tristesses proposes a reflection on the rise of populisms: according to Vandalem, "the sadness of the peoples" is today one of the most formidable techniques of manipulation of the spirits. But "tears", she adds, "have an infinite aesthetic power", indeterminable, and "emotions can be momentum, motor, energy to initiate an active speech or act". This energy conquered in 2016 the audience of the Festival d'Avignon: by exposing the enslaving mechanisms of sadness, the artist invites you not to succumb to them.

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