Saturday 10 December 2011

Puppetplay 'Kleine Pastorale'

As we've mentioned before, next week you can watch Françoise and Damiët van Dalsum in the performance of 'Kleine Pastorale' at Dordrecht.

The show is a puppetplay, a free adaptation of a book by Tytus Czyewiski (1885-1945), with two shepherdesses who talk and sing. The story is an ode to the birth of the child.

The place to be is the garden of Poppentheater Damiët, Aardappelmarkt 9, Dordrecht. There are daily performances from December 14 to December 22 (except on Monday December 19).

Reservations can be made on line: or or by telephone: 078-6140342.

All details can be found in the flyer (in Dutch).

Tuesday 1 November 2011

New York - Avant Première in Ghent

For the Belgian fans, there is a small avant-première for the New York show on november 11 at 20:00 in Ghent.
On that date, on the occasion of Logos Foundation’s M&M Orchestra - ELF, Françoise Vanhecke and Moniek Darge will present some of the pieces they will also perform in New York. (By the way, remember that Françoise Vanhecke received the New York Women Composers Grant in 2003.)
The show will a.o. see the creation of "Galop" by Françoise Vanhecke and Moniek Darge and the assignment for ISSUE PROJECT ROOM in NY from Moniek Darge. This Indian soundscapecomposition is called "Tamil Nadu" en was realized with support from the Flemish Government.

Click here to find out more about the concert.

Want to know more about The Logos Women? Click here.

For some audio samples of what you can expect from the performance itself, visit my Discography and listen to the fragments from the "Crete Soundies" album.

Thursday 27 October 2011

BASTA DIVA - New show!

After the different shows in Harelbeke, we are pleased to announce that BASTA DIVA-train is still on the move.

The next show will be performed in the "Sint-Pieterszaal" in Kuurne on February 17, 2012 at 20:00.
Tickets can be ordered by telephone (056/36.20.50) or e-mail (
(Click here for more information on the ticket sale.)

Wednesday 26 October 2011

New York City - ISSUE

As mentioned before, Françoise will act on stage at the ISSUE project in New York City on November 18.

As part of Logos Women (with Moniek Darge), she will perform the soundscape composition "East Crete, Mother Goddess", which is entirely compiled of sounds from Crete.
After soundscaping for some years in south west Crete with mainly nature sounds as the result, the women decided to try their chances in the better-known part of the island. They then settled down on the east coast and started the sound hunting... you'll hear the result.

For more information about the ISSUE project, visit their website.

Want to know more about The Logos Women? Click here.

For some audio samples of what you can expect from the performance itself, visit my Discography and listen to the fragments from the "Crete Soundies" album.

Sunday 23 October 2011

Reprise of Basta Diva

Due to the huge success of the first show, we are pleased to announce that there will be a new sequence of performances of 'Basta Diva' later this year.
These will be on Sunday, October 23 at 20u00 and Monday, October 24 at 14u30 in the AULA in Harelbeke.

Early birds will only pay 10 euro; on the day of the performance itself, the tickets will be sold at 12 euro.
For more information: +32 56 733 420, e-mail to or check the website.

The Belgian newspaper 'Het Nieuwsblad' announces this new performance as follows:

Puppetplay 'Kleine Pastorale' at Dordrecht

In december, Françoise Vanhecke shines as soprano in a Christmas puppet show in the indoor garden of the Damiët puppetry theatre.

Check out the flyer for more information.

Concert at New York

In november, there is a concert at "ISSUE Project Room" in Brooklyn New York.

Music by Logos Women (Françoise Vanhecke (alias Irma Bilbao) and Moniek Darge).

Voice Conference - Marseille

Françoise has attended PEVOC 9 - the 9th Pan-European Voice Conference at Marseille from August 31 to September 3.

She has a.o. participated in the 8th Workshop of the European Laryngological Society (ELS) and attended the European Academy of Voice Meeting.

For more information, click here.

Creation of ROLL UP

On the occasion of the Performedia Festival in Italy, there is the new creation of ROLL UP (for 3 voices) by Irma Bilbao.

Performedia 2011 festival / Ponte Nossa / Italy

Françoise has performied at THE POETIC PERFORMATIVE MEETING FESTIVAL from June 24-26 2011 at PONTE NOSSA in Italy (ASSOCIAZIONE LINEA INFINITA MULTIMEDIALE) with LOGOS WOMEN (FRANCOISE VANHECKE(voice and soundscapes), HELEN WHITE (soundpoetry) and MONIEK DARGE(music boxes, soundpoetry and soundscape).

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Basta Diva

A housewive dreams about being a real diva
A musical tale grouping all aspects of a woman throughout different and diverse musical styles.

Basta Diva has its official première on Friday May 13th in Harelbeke; in collaboration with CC 't Spoor Harelbeke, on the occasion of 'Harelbeke Muziekstad'.

Check out the site for more information.

Voice training for 'Before your very eyes'

Françoise has done the voice training for the new production 'Before your very eyes', a cooperation between Productionn Gob Squad and Campo Gent.

This production will have its premiere in Berlin on the 28th of April.
Check out the site for more info.

Yawar Fiesta Ars Musica

On wednesday March 23, you should go to Brussels for a magnificent festival.

At 19:00, the Ars Musica festival at the Espace Senghor will see the creation of the start of the first act of Yawar Fiesta.

Check out the entire program for more details

Commercial Devos - Lemmens

Françoise has recorded a commercial video for Devos-Lemmens
This video will be broadcasted nation-wide on all TV-stations, so make sure you don't miss it!
Watch the footage of the flashmob now!
- Dutch version
- French version

Françoise Vanhecke performing at 2 festivals

In March, Françoise will perform at two international festivals: Festival de Titelles i Teatre d'objectes de Barcelona in Spain and the 14th International Music Festival ppIANISSIMO in Sofia - Bulgaria.

The festival in Barcelona is running from March 18 to March 27 at the Poble Espagnol.
Françoise will perform 'Geneviève, si chaste si pure' with music by Erik Satie on Friday 18 March at 21.30h, Saturday 19 at 21.30h and Sunday 20  at 20 h at the Sala Noble del Ayuntamiento de Valderobles.
More info can be found here or on this site.
For ppIANISSIMO, the 14th International Music Festival, running from March 01 - March 31 in Sofia (Bulgaria); Françoise will give her performances on the 24th of March.
These performings will also be broadcasted at the National Radio!
Take a look at the poster of the festival.
Here is what you can expect:
- PIERROT LUNAIRE from ARNOLD SCHOENBERG, Conductor: Alexey Izmirliev
- LUDIONS (Poèmes de Leon - Paul Fargue) (1923)  ERIK SATIE (pianoaccompaniment by Françoise  Vanhecke).
        I.   Air du rat
       II.  Spleen
      III.  La grenouille américaine
       IV. Air du pôète
        V.  Chanson du chat
Madrigals, Book I  Soprano, Vibraphone, and Contrabass from Federico Garcia Lorca
        I.  Verte desnuda es recordar la tierra
       II.  No piensan en la lluvia, y se han dormido
      III. Los uertos llevan alas de musgo
Madrigals, Book II  Soprano, Alto Flute (doubling Flute in C and  Piccolo) and Percussion (one player)
        I.  Bebe el agua tranquilla de la cancion aneja
       II. La muerte entra y sale de la taberna
      III. Caballito negro ; donde llevas tu jinete muert