Sunday 5 November 2023

Sunday November 26th., 2023: Tribute “Alice Toen” in KVS Brussels at 3:00 PM.

Sunday November 26th., 2023: Tribute “Alice Toen” in KVS Brussels at 3:00 PM.

With: Alice Toen, Françoise Vanhecke & Jean Van der Schueren.

The icing on the cake this autumn, a well-deserved tribute to Dame Alice Toen in the Royal Flemish Theater in Brussels on November 26th. Born theater maker and actress since 1924 and the ultimate embodiment of the fact that there is no age limit for passion. A credo to cherish, says Françoise:

Passion knows no age. Moreover, the stage can keep people young. Alice still bursts with energy when she can perform. I look forward to accompanying her again with Jean on this well-deserved tribute in her beloved KVS.

For information and tickets:


Thursday, November 16th., 2023: SOLISSIMA in Kortrijk Music Center at 20:15 PM.

Thursday, November 16th., 2023: SOLISSIMA in Kortrijk Music Center at 20:15 PM.

In 'Solissima', the Belgian soprano Françoise Vanhecke presents a musical reflection of the zeitgeist. With different musical styles, sometimes solo at the piano, she delves into themes such as love and romance, war and peace. And what does it mean to be a contemporary woman in this world of trial and error? 

More information and tickets:

A review of my premiere last October 7th. in Antwerp can be found here.

Read the article in "The Newspaper of West Flanders".

Thursday 10 August 2023

August 14th., 2023: Music under the stars.

Music under the stars.

Together with: Carl Deseyn - composer - live electronica, Andy Declerck - sax/flute, Kaat Vanhaverbeke - accordion, Graci Ela - violin, Rodigro Diaz Guzman - guitar, AvK Astronomical Circle of Friends - stargazers.

August 15th., 2023: Feast of everyday madness.

Feast of everyday madness.

2 performances at Don Vitalski's (theatre for performing arts):

3:05 pm Party Everyday Madness

Where? Bolivarplaats Antwerp (Near the Palace of Justice)


9:30 pm Don Vitalski's Legendary Tuesday Club

Where? Boomsesteenweg 441 in Antwerp.

Thursday, August 24th., 19:00 o'clock: Paul Delvaux Museum, Sint-Idesbald: More than a voice.

More than a voice.

The singer Dr. Françoise Vanhecke, PhD brings her solo program with the unique combination of accompanying herself. Passionately curious and polyvalence characterizes the singer-composer and her unique Inhaling Singing - ISFV® technique with which she obtained her doctorate at UGent. As a trendsetter with performances from baroque to pop and experimental music, she is regularly on the program of major music festivals and theater houses in the world. In addition to a Palmo D'Oro in Italy, she exceptionally won the New York Women Composers Seed Grant for the second time in 2022.

As a polyvalent performer, she has previously performed in galleries and museums and in the context of international festivals such as for the VRT for documentaries about Ensor, Magritte, Vercruysse, De Braekeleer - Museum Sierkunsten and SMAK Ghent - Galerie Estampille Brussels - Gallery De Kantfabriek Aalst - RHoK Boonzaal Brussels - M Kha / Oude Beurs and De Zwarte Panter Antwerp as well as in Germany (Städtliche Galerie Villa Zanders Bergisch Gladbach) - Mexico (Museo Tamayo) - Hungary (2B Gallery Budapest) - Italy (C8lengo,Torino - La delirante, Milano – Artestudio, Bergamo) - France (Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris) and the Netherlands (Quartair Den Haag). People also remember her performance at the opening of the SMAK in Ghent with the act of Marina Abramovic.


Caro mio ben by Giuseppe Giordani

Seligkeit by Franz Schubert

Lascia ch'io pianga by G.F. Handel

Ave Maria by Caccini

Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile by Francesco Durante

Voi che sapete by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Youkali by Kurt Weill

Uranus from Coppe/Bilbao

Crocro song by Irma Bilbao

Ida van Cahay/Kissling

Young Blood (Gezelle/Bilbao)

Memories of Peter Cornelius

You are the center by Margaret Rizza

Je ne regrette rien by Edith Piaf

Silent Majesty of Rowland / Bilbao

Oriental by Anonymous

Registration by phone: +32 (0) 58 52 12 29

Friday 23 June 2023

July 21st., 2023: Gentse Feesten tango production with and around the robot orchestra.

Gentse Feesten tango production with and around the robot orchestra.

With: Francoise Van Hecke, Pol Van Assche, Isolde Audooren, Kristof Lauwers en Godfried-Willem Raes

More information: LogosFoundation.

Tuesday 6 June 2023

June 15th. 2023: VOices of the oceans (a musical journey in the oceans).

 VOices of the oceans (a musical journey in the oceans).

Thursday June 15th., 20 o'clock at OC De Vonke (Heule).

More information:

October 7th., 2023: Françoise Vanhecke Live at the Gallery.

Françoise Vanhecke Live at the Gallery, October 7th. 2023 at 20:00 pm.

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke PhD and polyvalent performer/soprano/pianist/actress/composer exceptionally won the New York Women Composers Seed Grant for the second time. Thanks to the NYWC and The Puffin Foundation for their support in this project. Before she goes to New York to perform her solo program 'SOLISSIMA', she will perform her recital at the Fine Arts Gallery Wouter De Bruycker. The performance developed for this purpose is a solo program with the unique combination of accompanying oneself at the piano or with musical support via soundtrack/fixed media.

Tickets and information: 

Thursday, November 16th., 2023: Solissima.


Françoise Vanhecke is a Belgian soprano and academic who pioneered the new vocal technique of inhalation singing at Ghent University. In 'Solissima' she now brings a musical reflection of the zeitgeist. With different music styles, sometimes solo at the piano, she delves into themes such as love and romance, war and peace. And what does it mean to be a contemporary woman in this world of ups and downs?

November 16th., 2023, Schouwburg Kortrijk.

Information and tickets: Schouwburg Kortrijk.

Tribute Alice Toen, November 26th. 2023.

Tribute Alice Toen.

There’s no age limit to passion! Alice Toen, born in 1924 and still active on stage, proves as much. After a well-filled career as a tv, film and theatre actress, author, and dramaturge of children and youth theatre, she takes to the stage once more – this time for Tribute Alice Toen.

During this heartwarming concert, for which she is joined by soprano Françoise Vanhecke and guitarist Jean Van der Schueren, she enthusiastically performs songs and texts by Federico Garcia Lorca, Toon Hermans, Jules De Corte, ... A prime chance to see this grande dame at work once more.

Sunday, November 26th., 2023, KVS Brussels.

Tickets and information: KVS Brussels.

December 7th. 2023: online streamed concert.

 Thursday December 7th., 2023: online streamed concert in Antwerp.

See: toitoiDROME.

A JOURNEY INTO THE UNIVERSE - February 4th., 2024

 A dizzying cosmic adventure.

A Journey Into The Universe is a collaboration (originated during the Covid captivity) between composer Pascal Coppé and soprano Françoise Vanhecke. The West Flemish duo has created a concept in which vocals, electronic music and images are woven together into a fascinating whole.

During the concert you will be immersed in a fascinating world with idiosyncratic vocals that also partly consist of improvisation. The electronic sound textures create dreamlike and enigmatic atmospheres. Pascal Coppé is not only responsible for the beautiful compositions, but is also for the captivating images that accompany the music. It will undoubtedly be an exceptional coffee concert, because for once Sint-Baafs-Vijve is the center of the universe.

Sunday, February 4th., 2024, church of Sint-Bavo, Sint-Baafs-Vijve

Tickets and information: CC De Schakel.

Tuesday 2 May 2023

October 7th., 2023: Françoise Vanhecke Live at the Gallery.

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke PhD and polyvalent performer/soprano/pianist/actress/composer exceptionally won the New York Women Composers Seed Grant for the second time. This thanks to the NYWC and The Puffin Foundation for their support in this project. Before she goes to New York to perform her solo program 'SOLISSIMA', she will perform her recital at the Fine Arts Gallery Wouter De Bruycker. The performance developed for this purpose is a solo program with the unique combination of accompanying oneself at the piano or with musical support via soundtrack/fixed media. 

More information and tickets:

Saturday 11 March 2023

March 12th, 2023 - Eerbetoon Alice Toen

Van harte welkom nu zondag 12 maart om 14.30 - Cultureel Centrum het SPOOR Eilandstraat 6, 8530 Harelbeke

Alice Toen is 98 jaar en ze brengt poëzie en ze zingt en we zingen en spelen samen met Jean Van der Schueren.

Ongelooflijk maar waar! Dat mag je niet missen, met werk van De Falla, Alice Nahon, Jules De Corte, Garcia Lorca, Toon Hermans, Roel Richelieu.....

Bezoek zeker ook eens volgende links:
Kaarten nog te bekomen aan de ingang of ook via overschrijving op rekeningnummer van de stedelijke seniorenraad:
BE73 0012 0882 9760
Met vermelding van het aantal gewenste kaarten en uw naam.

Saturday 28 January 2023

February 5th, 2023 - Belgian-Ukrainean cultural activity

Festival voor Belgisch-Oekraïnse culturele activiteit op 5 februari in de Blikfabriek 2020 Hoboken:


More info: Click here

Friday 30 December 2022

February 2nd, 2023 - Performance lecture

ISFV® Inhaling Singing is a revolutionary singing technique developed by the polyvalent vocal artist (soprano), Inhaling Singer, pianist, actress, improviser, soundpainter Dr. Françoise Vanhecke PhD. Her new singing technique makes a renewed artistic contribution to expression for the vocal music of the 21st century and is illustrated with results of collaborations with composers such as Annette Vande Gorne, Steef Verwée, Sebastian Bradt, Willy Van Buggenhout, Klaus Burger, Pascal Coppé as well as Irma Bilbao.

These new sounds of the human voice within the context of the role of expressiveness in the musical landscape for the music of our time and its impact on the contemporary artistic platform fit perfectly within this festival with the theme 'The voice' and will certainly fascinate and captivate singers, composers, pedagogues as well as musicologists.

Her scientific research into acoustic, physical and physiological characteristics of inhaling singing compared to normal exhaling singing have led to several scientific publications such as the "Journal of Voice".

February 2nd: Website

Monday 24 October 2022

November 3rd, 2022 - Mimosa Season #4

Mimosa Season #4 – Thursday, November 3, 2022

This two-part evening will be an interregional and cross-border event with two exceptional guests:
  • Matthieu Lebrun is a musician based in Bergerac, Dordogne. His singular and adventurous approach is done through several mediums (saxophone, clarinet, rap, synthesizer, field recording, recording of hertzian waves...). For nearly 15 years, he has participated in projects in the field of current, contemporary, improvised and experimental music. He collaborates very regularly with Frédéric Tentelier (La Barque Théâtre) and we could hear him with the Grand Orchester Muzzix in the creation of Radiolarians by composer Michael Pisaro-Liu. He is also a composer.
  • Dr. Françoise Vanhecke PhD, soprano, ISFV (inhaling singer), pianist, actress, composer (Irma Bilbao), singing teacher, improviser, soundpainter and researcher covers a very wide repertoire using the widest and most unsuspected possibilities of the voice, she is sought after for her artistic versatility and her personality on stage both in the great classical and romantic works and in the music of today. By working in close collaboration with composers, she has created more than 300 works. Considered one of the best interpreters of contemporary classical music, she is on the bill of major music festivals and theaters around the world. Françoise Vanhecke has recorded for various labels.

Françoise Vanhecke: voice / Sam Bodart: percussion

Matthieu Lebrun: saxes, clarinets / Xtof Bruneel: drums / Philo Lenglet: guitar / Eric Mimosa: Lapsteel

Doors open at 8:00 p.m. Beginning of the concert at 8:30 p.m. The address will be communicated to you after compulsory reservation.

You can bring a drink that you'll want to share. A hat will be circulated for the musicians.

Contact:, +33 (0)6 20 43 32 43

Thursday 25 August 2022

October 28th, 2022 - A Journey Into The Universe

Wij voeren "A Journey Into The Universe" opnieuw uit op vrijdag 28 oktober OC De Vonke Lagaeplein 24, 8501 Heule
Zie ook: Uit in Vlaanderen
Of vind alle info op deze website

A Journey Into The Universe Live concert Elektronische symfonische muziek met zang en filmprojectie. Een reis doorheen het Universum.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Tuesday 23 August 2022

September 16th, 2022 - Concert Zwevegem

16 september Herfstconcert in Kerk van Sint-Denijs /Zwevegem om 19u30

September 9-11th, 2022 - Poppentheater Dordrecht (NL)

Dordrecht in Nederland: Poppentheater Damiet

Friday 09 september 2022 - 17:00h (SOLD OUT)
Opening Majed Saraydeen with reed flute
Francoise Vanhecke with oriental songs
Ticket: 10,--

Saterday 10 and Sunday 11 september 2022 - 08:00h (SOLD OUT)
Tour with a salmonboat
and Songs Françoise Vanhecke (BEL)
Ticket: 20,--

Monday 22 August 2022

September 3rd, 2022 - Sint-Martinuskerk - Sint-Martens-Bodegem - Musica@Parola!

3 september om 20u in de Sint-Martinuskerk van Sint-Martens-Bodegem: Musica@Parola


Vorig jaar mochten we Françoise, Alice en Jean al verwelkomen in de kerk van Bodegem tijdens een hartverwarmend concert. Een jaar later keren ze terug, met ook nog dichter Roel Richelieu van Londersele erbij. Musica@Parola!

Ambiance verzekerd… en hier het voorlopige programma (want ze durven ook improviseren en bis-nummers bedenken :-))

Françoise goes Barocco solo

  • Giuseppe GIORDANO (1744-1798): Caro mio ben (arietta) – George Frederic HAENDEL (685 – 1759): Lascia ch’io pianga uit de opera Rinaldo
  • Giacomo CARISSIMI (1605-1674): Vittoria, mio core (cantata)
  • Christoph Willibald von GLUCK (1714-1787): O del mio dolce ardour (aria)
  • Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643): Lasciatemi morire uit opera Ariana
  • Giulio CACCINI (1551-1618): Ave Maria
  • Francesco DURANTE (1684-1755): Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile (arietta)

Roel Richelieu van Londersele leest voor uit eigen werk en ook Alice Toen zegt gedichten van hem

Back to the future met Jean en Françoise

  • Manuel de FALLA (1876-1946): Nana
  • Fernando SOR (1778-1836): Cesa de atormentarme // Muchacha, y la verguenza /li>
  • Federico Garcia LORCA (1898-1936): Sevillanas del siglo XVIII
  • Consuelo VELÀSQUEZ (1924-2005): Besame mucho
  • José Maria CANO (°1959): Hijo de la luna

Tuesday 28 June 2022

June 30th, 2022 - Looking into the light

I am invited to sing on the roof of Muhka - Thursday 30/06 18-21u
Live broadcast for Radio Centraal 106.7

Saturday 11 June 2022


Presenting the winners of our 2021 Seed Money Grants!
We have awarded seven grants, two foreign (Belgium and Argentina) and five domestic (one of these is actually both, a concert in New York to be repeated in Tokyo, Japan). One grant is in a disseminated format, and the rest are focused grants.
One concert will initially be streamed online, with subsequent performances being planned. Additionally, some of the other concerts will be either streamed or available later on YouTube and Instagram or other such platforms. All the projects will include open calls for some or all the NYWC composers to be represented.
Rad more:
* Local press
* All winners
* I am happy to announce

Sunday 5 June 2022

June 16th, 2022: Concert performance

16/06/2022: Concert performance "A Journey Into The Universe".
A musical journey through space with video and live music.
Artists: Pascal Coppé and Françoise Vanhecke.
Genre: symphonic electro with live vocals.

OC DE VONCKE - Lagaeplein 24 - Heule 8501.

Friday 29 April 2022

April 30th, 2022 - Antennafestival

Looking forward and honoured to do a guest performance with Carl Deseyn at this special event.
Saturday 30/04/2022 Start 17 hr free entrance
Zaal den hannekensnest
Burggravenlaan 7 Evergem-Langerbrugge
View on Facebook.

Thursday 21 April 2022

April 23rd, 2022: De Singel, Antwerp

I am part of it.
Frauenliebe und - Leben, opus 42
Robert Schumann

regie & concept: Lulu Obermayer
commission & co-production: DE SINGEL co-production Forecast - Skills e.V with support by Stad München

The arrival of Lulu Obermayer is a breath of fresh air in the world of opera and classical music. With her radical interpretations, the young German director challenges the genre’s normative approach. Obermayer knows what she is talking about: she grew up in a context in which opera is ubiquitous. Her name is even derived from the eponymous opera by Alban Berg. For her latest performance, Frauenliebe und -Leben, she takes Robert Schumann’s eponymous song cycle as her starting point. For Obermayer, the stereotypical image of the devoted, faithful 19th-century woman who dedicates her life to the man of the house is the perfect starting point for focusing on a number of issues. The cycle is extended by Obermayer to eight hours, the length of a working day, and the solo voice is obliged to give way to eight female voices. In a musical installation there is reflection on the complexity of being a woman, female love and mothership.

More info

Wednesday 9 March 2022

March 1st., 2022: release of digital album / compact disc "Stordeur Tribe".

Stordeur was born in Haine-Saint-Paul. His musical career started in 1977 with a tape composition for the soundtrack to a film on Gordon Matta-Clark titled "Office Baroque", by Eric Convents and Roger Steylaerts. 

Later in the 1970s, he participated in the avantgarde music ensemble "Studio voor Experimentele Muziek", founded in Antwerp, Flanders, by Joris De Laet in 1973. S.E.M.'s associate composers in the 1970s included: Dirk Veulemans, Paul Adriaenssens, Karel Goeyvaerts, Lucien Goethals and Serge Verstockt. 

Stordeur founded his own electronic music studio "Studio Synthèse" in 1973 in Brussels.

In 2020, the Antenna Fest paid tribute to this forerunner in Belgian and international electronic music. The result of this tribute has now been released in the form of a CD and a digital download. 

Artists who once worked with the man have put him in the flowers. as there are Willy Van Buggenhout and Françoise Vanhecke Soprano, Guy Drieghe D.  

You can hear the result at the Bandcamp of AntennA.

Released: March 1, 2022.

More on Françoises Inhaling Singing technique: Francoise Vanhecke at TEDxGhent

Friday 29 October 2021

October 30, 2021 - November 7th., 2021: World Choir Games.

October 30 - November 7, 2021, Flanders, Belgium.

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke will be part of the International Jury for the 11th. World Choir Games 2021 -  Flanders, Belgium.

More information: World Choir Games.

October 31, 2021: musical ode to the trees and the soundtrack to the book 'De Ommeloze'.

"The Ancient Tree" is a musical ode to the trees and the soundtrack to the book "De Ommeloze" about a hollow, single maple tree. 

On Sunday 31 October 2021, we will play the closing act of the project "A tree is more than it says" at 6 pm in the atmospheric flower studio De Egelantier - Otegem.  

Register : 0475 / 92 34 64

Entrance is free, with free contribution, bring a mouth mask.

Composer Carl Deseyn with Dimitri Tsiroyannis, Graciela Zaera, Andy Declerck, Esther Coorevits and soprano Françoise Vanhecke.

November 1st., 2021: memorial moment at the cemetery "Hoog Kortrijk"

On November 1, "Radio Reveil" organizes a memorial moment at the "Onument" at the cemetery of Hoog Kortrijk. 

At 17 o'clock the Alphabet Choir welcomes the visitors. Then the men of Blokbusters interview witnesses from different cultural backgrounds about their experiences with saying goodbye. The interviews are interspersed with music and poetry. 

The soprano Dr. Françoise Vanhecke closes this nice initiative. Everything can also be followed via livestream.

Monday 25 October 2021

September 18th., 2021 - November 13th., 2021: lecture series "Nouvelle Fiari"

The International Federation of Independent Revolutionary Art presents: lecture series "Nouvelle Fiari".

The impact of ISFV, inhaling singing, a new extended technique by dr. Françoise Vanhecke.

Watch the video: Fiari

Watch the video: Fiari 

Thursday 23 September 2021


The impact of ISFV® Inhaling Singing, a new extended technique by dr. Françoise Vanhecke

La soprano et chercheuse parlera de l'impact de l'ISFV®, Inhaling Singing dans le répertoire vocal et de son rôle d'expressivité dans le contexte large du paysage musical.

October 21st., 2021: Robotango: Flemish dance organs and Argentinian tango music.

 21 October 2021: "Robotango": Flemish dance organs and Argentinian tango music.

Where? Kelderzaal, De Centrale, Kraankinderstraat 2, 9000 Ghent.

Voice: Françoise Vanhecke

Dance: Pol Van Assche & Isolde Audooren

Robots: Logos Foundation

In collaboration with vzw Polariteit

Supported by: the Flemish Government & the city of Ghent

In this tango salon, Logos Foundation unites the Flemish tradition of the dance organs with the tradition of the Argentinian tango salons. Enjoy an evening full of rousing rhythms and sultry melodies! 11 robots and soprano Françoise Vanhecke perform tangos by Weill, Sassone, Gardel, Castillo, Piazzolla and Matos Rodríguez and make you dream of Buenos Aires. The quick steps and passionate movements of the dancers of vzw Polariteit take you to warmer places. If the corona measures allow this, a tango workshop will take place before the performance.

Youka / Kurt Weill

Wednesday 22 September 2021

October 15th., 2021: a journey into the universe.

15 October 2021, church in Bissegem: a musical journey into the universe.

Composer: Pascal Coppé

Vocals: Françoise Vanhecke

Composer: Pascal Coppé

Vocal artist: Françoise Vanhecke 

Tuesday 21 September 2021


Op zaterdag 9/10 oktober brengt Jean Van der Schueren, bezieler vz.van vzw Duende, 

JazzMadd opnieuw naar oa.Denderleeuw in de sfeervolle en gezellige parketzaal van ’t Kasteeltje,

naar het “theaterPact” in Aalst en naar “buurthuis De Liberale Kring” Ninove

"Muziek en poëzie voor man en vrouw… anders bekeken”. Dat is het motto van de avond.

Alice Toen, Françoise Vanhecke en Jean Van der Schueren brengen een concertant boeket van poëzie,

gitaar en zang met muziek en teksten over de liefde, passie, vrolijkheid en vele andere thema’s van het leven.

Ze presenteren muziek van zowel mannelijke als vrouwelijke componisten. 

za.09/10/’21- 20u

‘t Kasteeltje

Stationstraat 7


zo.10/10/‘21 -11u 

Theater Pact - 

Erembodegemstraat 30

9300 Aalst 

zo.10/10/‘21 - 19u

De Liberale Kring 

Dreefstraat 16

9400 Ninove 

Monday 20 September 2021

Zaterdag 2 oktober 2021 - RESONARE 26

"een experimenteel en/of spontaan muziekgebeuren "deuren 19u00 - concert 20u30

>> een onuitgegeven duo <<

Françoise VANHECKE  stem

Mike GOYVAERTS slagwerk, divers geluid

in l'Estampille

Pavia straat 75  (rue de Pavie)  te 1000 Brussel

vrije bijdrage

Sunday 15 August 2021

September 11th., 2021 & September 12th., 2021: microfestival at Dordrecht.

Saturday 11  & Sunday 12 September 7 am

Microfestival at Dordrecht 

More information: puppet theatre Damiet van Dalsum

Boarding: Potato market.

Adults: € 20 

Limited number of places!

While you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and a salmon sandwich, singer Françoise Vanhecke from Belgium will perform beautiful ̋"fish" songs on the Dordrecht waters. Pure romance.

Singer: Françoise Vanhecke

Skipper: Jaap Bouwman


Damiet van Dalsum puppet theatre

Potato market 9

3311 BA Dordrecht

The Netherlands

SOLD OUT *07:00 am

Salmon boat & Sing on

Francoise Vanhecke Ticket: 20,--

*07:00 Salmon boat & Sing on

Francoise Vanhecke Ticket: 20,--

Saturday 14 August 2021

August 28 at 8 pm: Musica@Parola in the Church of Sint-Martens-Bodegem.

August 28 at 8 pm: Musica@Parola in the Church of Sint-Martens-Bodegem.

"Music and poetry for man and woman… viewed differently”. That's the motto this evening. Alice, Françoise and Jean bring a concert summer bouquet of poetry, guitar, song and piano with music and lyrics about love, passion, cheerfulness and many other themes in life. They present music by both male and female composers, including Maria Malibran, Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Sor, Irma Bilbao, Violeta Dinescu, Gladys Smuckler Moskowitz, Fanny Tran, Johan Sebastian Bach, Jacques Brel/Herman Van Veen, Jules De Corte… and even more.

Françoise Vanhecke: vocals & piano.

Jean Van der Schueren: guitar.

Alice Toen: actress.

Info & tickets:


Press release:

Concert series Musica@Parola settles down in Sint-Martinuskerk for three months.

Friday 13 August 2021

August 19th., 2021: live concert at Aalst.

19 August 2021 at 19 PM: live concert with Françoise Vanhecke and Jean Van Der Schueren at Bloom Zomerbar (city of Aalst).

Place to be: Affligemdreef 164, 9300 Aalst

Facebook: BLOOM Zomerbar

Friday 19 March 2021

GOOD NEWS! The previously cancelled Basta Diva show will be streamed on Friday April 2nd., 2021. Online performance. Watch at your home.

The previously cancelled performance of " BASTA DIVA " continues on Friday 2 April - now in an online stream (to be viewed at your home).

The show cannot take place in the theatre (due to corona).  As a compensation, ticket holders will receive a surprise 'goodie bag', containing a link or QR code that gives them access to the show.  

Haven't got a ticket yet and want to enjoy this offer?  You can buy your ticket until Wednesday 31 March (before 17:00 o'clock) on the website of CC De Schakel.

The show can be watched at your own pace.  Specific info about the validity of the link or QR code will be available in the goodie bag.

Your goodie bag will be delivered at your door step on Friday 2 April 2021. Not at home?  We will get in touch with you.

More info: CC De Schakel 

Go to program then to stage and then to April 2nd.

Or: TAKEAWAY #15 // Basta Diva

Friday 15 January 2021

Thursday Januari 21st., 2021: New Year streaming concert on facebook.

Thursday January 21st., 2021 New Year streaming concert on facebook.

"Logos Stroomt", with Françoise Vanhecke and Moniek Darge.

Monday 14 December 2020

Fascinating COVID solo concert 'More than a Voice'. Livestream on YouTube

For the last concert of "Klassiek in Den Botaniek" we are honored to invite soprano and Knight in the Order of the Crown, Dr. Françoise Vanhecke PhD (aka composer Irma Bilbao) for a fascinating COVID solo concert 'More than a Voice'. 

Appointment next Tuesday 15 Dec, 12.30-13: 10 a.m. 

Livestream link: YouTube

Passionate curiosity and polyvalence characterizes the singer-composer who, with her phenomenal voice and her unique Inhaling Singing - ISFV® technique, and as a trendsetter with performances ranging from baroque to pop and experimental music, regularly performs on the program of major music festivals and theaters of the world. A Palmo D’Oro in Italy and the New York Women Composers Grant gave her international career a strong boost, but she is  therefore not a “BV”.

Thanks to: 

  • the City of Antwerp Mundana Antwerp 
  • De Serre Den Botaniek 
  • The Bracket Percussion Ensemble

Thursday 8 October 2020

Watch the Basta Diva video on Facebook!

Basta Diva show on February 19th., 2021, cc De Schakel, Waregem.

Proud to announce: CD-release "Illusion" by Annette Vande Gorne with my special Inhaling Singing technique.

Proud to announce: CD-release "Illusion" by Annette Vande Gorne.

October 21st., 2020: the CD "Illusion" comes out with a special release of my inhaling singing technique through the work "Déluges et autres péripéties".

This on the occasion of the International Acousmatic Festival (Influx festival - L’espace du son) which will take place on October 21 in Brussels (Théâtre Marni).

Festival l'espace du son

October 14th., 2020: tribute to Gilberto Mendes.

October 14th., 2020: tribute to Gilberto Mendes, a Brazilian composer whose work Françoise has sung and created in Brazil, France and Belgium.

Basta Diva on February 19th., 2021 ** cancelled **

This performance is - to our regret - cancelled.

Don't worry, because in exchange for February 19th., we offer a TAKEAWAYgoodiebag with a surprising content linked to the performance. Ticket buyers will receive a message from us.

Want to enjoy this goodiebag and you don't have a ticket for the show?  Feel free to buy your ticket and our culture courier will visit you.

More info on: cc De Schakel.

This performance was originally scheduled for Saturday October 10, 2020, but was postponed due to an injury.

Singing star with pranks Carmella Lucia Pommodori di Monte Carlo (Françoise Vanhecke) parades with her singing talents and boasts at the audience how well she can sing Mozart, Beethoven, Puccini, Bach… but also the repertoire of Piaf, Dalida and Michael Jackson! Her director Richard Le Grand (Lieven Debrauwer) is secretly jealous of her success and things go off the rails ...

A hilarious theatre performance for all ages!


Friday February 19th., from 08.00 PM until 10.00 PM

cc De Schakel, Waregem, Schakelstraat 8, 8790 Waregem, Belgium


cc De Schakel.

Friday 18 September 2020

Basta Diva. Saturday, October 10th., 2020: A hilarious music theatre performance for all ages! ***Delayed ***


Singing star with pranks Carmella Lucia Pommodori di Monte Carlo (Françoise Vanhecke) parades with her singing talents and boasts at the audience how well she can sing Mozart, Beethoven, Puccini, Bach… but also the repertoire of Piaf, Dalida and Michael Jackson! 

Her director Richard Le Grand (Lieven Debrauwer) is secretly jealous of her success and things derail.

A hilarious music theatre performance for all ages!


CC De Schakel

Schakelstraat 8

8790 Waregem


SATURDAY October 10th.,2020 from 20:00 PM until 21:30 PM

Entrance fee: € 20,0

Entrance fee for UitPAS Zuidwest members: € 4,0


CC De Schakel


056 62 13 40

See also:

Basta Diva in"het Nieuwsblad"

UiT in Vlaanderen - agenda

Thursday 23 July 2020

August 15th., 2020: open-air concert in Anzegem (Music under the trees).

Open-air concert Sint-Arnolduspark 15/08/20, 19:30 h.
Music under the trees
AUGUST 15, 2020
The open-air concert 'Music under the trees' is an ode to the trees that give us earth, water, air and fire.

  • Kaat Vanhaverbeke: accordion
  • Esther Coorevits: viola
  • Daphne Vandemeulebroucke: harp
  • Andy Declerck: sax and flute
  • Françoise Vanhecke: vocals
  • Carl Deseyn: piano and synthesizers

More information: Music under the trees.

October 10th., 2020:BASTA DIVA is back!

Concert on 10/10/2020: BASTA DIVA is back!

Basta Diva: hilarious music theater performance for all ages with Françoise Vanhecke in the role of singing star Carmella Lucia Pommodori di Monte Varlo.

Saturday, October 10th., 2020, 20.00 h.

schouwburg CC De Schakel

Tuesday 14 January 2020

February 21st., 2020: Tribute to André Stordeur

February 21st., 2020: Tribute to André Stordeur

CC Evergem.
DARK Hz: creation of Willy Van Buggenhout, with soprano Françoise Vanhecke

More info: Festival AntennA - André Stordeur

Friday 10 January 2020

May 21st - 24th: performance at Festival OSIMU in Taviano - Italy

May 21st - 24th: performance at Festival OSIMU in Taviano - Italy

June 6th. 2020: Youkali - a tango project with robots, dance and voice

In this Tango saloon, Logos combines the Flemish tradition of dance organs with the tradition of the Argentine tango saloons.

11 robots and soprano Françoise Vanhecke perform tangos from, among others, Weill, Sassone, Gardel, Castillo, Piazzolla and Matos Rodríguez.

Dancers from vzw Polariteit are responsible for the choreography and dance and organise a tango workshop before the performance.

In collaboration with vzw Polariteit (dance), Françoise Vanhecke (singing) and with the support of the Flemish community.

Where? De Centrale, Gent

You Tube: Youkali - a tango project with robots, dance and voice.

October 17th., 2020 : Conductor Tom Vrijens

Conductor Tom Vrijens / Harmonie Eendracht and Vrijheid

February 21st., 2020: Tribute to André Stordeur

February 21st.,  2020: Tribute to André Stordeur

Festival AntennA - André Stordeur Tribute

DARK Hz: Creatie van Willy Van Buggenhout, sopraan Françoise Vanhecke

Tuesday 10 December 2019

December 14th., 2019: my performance at RESONARE MINI FESTIVAL 2019

My next performance at RESONARE MINI FESTIVAL 2019 - actuel experimental music

Saturday 14 12 2019
doors 7.30 pm - music 8.30 PM
at asbl PLOEF   -  rue Bonaventurestraat 100  -  1090 Jette (Brussels)

*FRANCOISE VANHECKE - voice performance
*D i G duo
*DUŠICA CALJAN - WISSEL  - extended piano
*GEORG WISSEL - prepared alto saxophone
*tROMMELtrio Extended - percussion folies

tax : 8 €
bus : 13, 14, 53, 84, 88, 245
trams : 9, 19, 51, 62, 93
parking : gare de Jette station

Friday 1 November 2019

Saturday, December 14th., 2019: RESONARE MINI FESTIVAL

RESONARE MINI FESTIVAL 2019 - actual experimental & improvised music

Saturday 14/12/2019 - doors 7.30 / concert 8.30
at asbl PLOEF vzw
100, rue Bonaventurestraat - 1090 (Jette) Brussels

program :

Françoise Vanhecke voice performance D I G (de)

  • DUSICA CALJAN-WISSEL piano & more GEORG WISSEL alto saxophone & objects INSTANT DEBACLE (fr/be) - multiple percussion unit

income : 8€

November 3rd., 2019: Tribute to Alvaro Guimaraes.

Tribute to Alvaro Guimaraes

November 3rd., 2019, 19.30 h at Kade, Kalkhofstraat 25, 9800 Deinze

Françoise Vanhecke performs: aria from John Cage

Friday 13 September 2019

November 21st., 14.30 PM: show BASTA DIVA

November 21st., 14.30 PM: show BASTA DIVA, with Françoise Vanhecke and Lieven Debrauwer.

The hilarious music theater performance Basta Diva turned out to be a firework of artistic energy when soprano Françoise Vanhecke and producer Lieven Debrauwer put their creative heads together. Light designer Cecile De Troyer was brought in and so the "Holy Trinity" came into existence that inspired BASTA DIVA. A hilarious, multi-layered show for every age.

CC het SPOOR Harelbeke Eilandstraat 6 - 8530 Harelbeke
Tickets: or 056 733 420

More information: Uit in Vlaanderen

October 19th: Theodorakis Ensemble with special guest: Françoise Vanhecke

October 19th, 8 PM, CC De Herbakker, Eeklo: the Theodorakis Ensemble performs with special guest Françoise Vanhecke.

You are invited for this unique concert. Please find the invitation below.

Tickets can be ordered with Xavier Roels:
or by phone: 09 228 28 80
or 0476 34 84 19
Place to be: CC De Herbakker, Pastoor De Nevestraat AO - 9900 Eeklo

Monday 12 August 2019

August 14th - 28th 2019: 25th International Music-Festival and Gobi-Summer-Acacemy

August 14th - 28th 2019: Françoise Vanhecke will be attending the 25th International Music-Festival and Gobi-Summer-Acacemy in Mongolia.

Wednesday 10 July 2019

Klara viert 11 juli opnieuw met Vlaamse componisten en 'Fingerprints'

Op donderdag 11 juli 2019 programmeert Klara de hele dag de gloednieuwe Fingerprints #3.
Op Fingerprints #3 verzamelen Componisten Archipel Vlaanderen (ComAV), Klara en Kunstenpunt de vingerafdrukken van Vlaamse en Brusselse componisten.
21 korte werkjes schetsen een beeld van componerend Vlaanderen vandaag de dag.

Klik hier voor meer informatie over Fingerprints #3

Wednesday 5 June 2019

BASTA DIVA: November 21st, 2019: Performance

BASTA DIVA: November 21st, 2019: Performance

CC Het spoor

More information: Facebook event

Wednesday 22 May 2019

May 25th, 2019: broadcast of "Fingerprints 3" on radio KLARA


On 25 May between 5 pm and 7 pm Fingerprints 3 will be broadcasted in full on KLARA in the last part of the 'Music Matters' program.

Listen to an excerpt on radio KLARA

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Resumption Basta Diva: Thurday 21st May 2019 at CC Het Spoor in Harelbeke.


Thursday 21 May at 14.30 at the CC Het Spoor in Harelbeke.

In Basta Diva, Françoise plays the role of Lucia Carmella Pommodori di Monte Carlo, who gives a concert. However, this concert is getting a bit out of hand and the cleaning team of the theater is allowed to clean it up and it is completely unexpected to provide an apotheosis.

Françoise fascinates and plays, literally and figuratively. She accompanies herself on the piano and sometimes plays the tiles of the roof as a fallen and twisted diva. A diva from us with a clock of a voice. A lady with allure, style and sense of humor. Classical, opera, contemporary, chanson, cabaret, pop. She brings music as a world language. Lieven plays the role of master of ceremonies and presenter, who is gradually getting tired of the cures of the diva who does not want to see that she is over her top. Diva Basta is a hilarious show full of emotion, emotion, humor and laughter.

May 9th. & 10th.: "Tristesses", Maison de la culture de Bourges.

Theater show with Vincent Cahay, Anne‑Pascale Clairembourg, Epona Guillaume, Asia Amans, Pierre Kissling, Vincent Lécuyer, Catherine Mestoussis, Jean‑Benoit Ugeux, Florence Janas, Françoise Vanhecke et Didier De Neck.

More information: Maison de la culture.

May 14th. & 15th.: theater show "Tristesses" (Anne - Cécile Vandalem).

May 14th. & 15th.: theater show "Tristesses", a show by Anne-Cécile Vandalem with, amongst others, Françoise Vanhecke.

Théâtre de l'Orient, Lorient cedex

More information: Theatre show Tristesses

28 May: Awarded and received honorary mark B.K. 1st class and National Order Officer Order LII - Francoise Vanhecke

28 May 2019 at 6.30 p.m. TOWN HALL KORTRIJK:
Awarded and received honorary mark B.K. 1st class and National Order Officer Order LII - Francoise Vanhecke.

July 2020: Françoise Vanhecke will be a member of the international jury for the 11th. World Choir Games.

In July 2020, the region of Flanders will host the 11th WORLD CHOIR GAMES, the largest choir competition in the world. Françoise Vanhecke will be a member of the international jury for this event.

More information:

October 19th., 2019: Mikis Theodorakis show with special guest Françoise Vanhecke

With at least 15 musicians and singers we bring songs and instrumental music from Mikis Theodorakis including Mauthausen, Zorba the Greek, I Gitonia ton Angelon, To Axion Esti, the Great Aria from opera Medea with special guest: the soprano Françoise Vanhecke, .... Also Never on Sunday by the composer Manos Hadjidakis, a beautiful song by Melina Tanagri and many others .... With Bouzouki player and singer: Demis Iossifidis, our singer Marianne Van Eynde, and the mandolin players: Elina and Maria Markatatou, also violins , cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, guitar, harp, percussion, ....

When and where?
Saturday, Oct. 19th. at 8:00 PM: Concert Mikis Theodorakis - De Herbakker culture center - Eeklo.

More information: Concert Mikis Theodorakis - Facebook

August 14th - 28th: Participation at the 25th anniversary of the Mongolian festival Roaring Hooves.

Participation at the 25th anniversary of the Mongolian festival Roaring Hooves.

Colourful variety in the concerts in Ulaanbaatar-Bulganprovince (Elsentasarkhai Sand Düne Bayangobi) Khugnu Khan Uvgun monastery-Uvurkhangai Province (Kharkhorin Stadt, Erdene-Zuu monastery) South Gobi (Dalanzadgad, Yoliin am glacier, Bayan Zag, Dinosaurus place) Middle Gobi (Baga Gazriin Chuluu).

More infomation: Roaring Hooves Festival

Tuesday 12 March 2019

April 16th., 2019: World Voice Day

Description: Lectures for medical doctors, voice therapeuts, singers, actors and voice teachers. Guest lecturers: MD Reynaldo Yazaki (Brazil) and PhD Francoise Vanhecke (Belgium).

Date: 2019-04-16
Time: 10:00 - 17:00
City/place: Tartu AHHAA Teaduskeskus Venue address: Sadama 1, 51004, Tartu

Performer/s: MD Reynaldo Yazaki (Brazil) and PhD Francoise Vanhecke (Belgium); Allan Vurma, Andres Köster, Irina Evomaa, Kristel Kalling, Kristi Arefjeva, Kristi Pedak, Maile Keskpaik, Meeri Kompus

World Voice Day

Monday 21 January 2019

23 February 2019: Harlow or “Nature of Love” Performance voor Sopraan Françoise Vanhecke.

Harlow or “Nature of Love” Performance voor Sopraan Françoise Vanhecke, Sprechstimme Johan Vandermaelen & Elektronica Willy Van Buggenhout.
23 February
Dag van het DKO

Place to be:

RHoK Boonzaal
Edouard de Thibaultlaan 2
1040 Bussel

25 February 2019: Baasmusette by Irma Bilbao - Gothic Room City City Hall Brussels.

Baasmusette by Irma Bilbao will be performed on the occasion of the Fuga Trophy at Gothic Room City City Hall Brussels on Monday 25 February at 19h00.

See programme below:

Sunday 23 December 2018



Das Fräulein Kompanie

  • March 2019 – 13 & 14 – Le Parvis, Scène nationale Tarbes-Pyrénées (Fr)
  • April 2019 – from 9 to 12 – Théâtre National de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées (Fr)
  • April 2019 – 26 & 27 – La Faïencerie-Théâtre de Creil (Fr)
  • May 2019 – 9 & 10 – La Maison de la Culture de Bourges (Fr)
  • May 2019 – 14 & 15 – Le Théâtre de Lorient (Fr)

30 janvier 2019: "Les voies de la voix acousmatique"

"Les voies de la voix acousmatique"

30 janvier 2019 20h00 Espace Senghor Chaussée de Wavre, 366 Bruxelles (Belgique).

Yawar Fiesta (2006-12) Extrait de Annette Vande Gorne/Werner Lambersy, opéra électroacoustique avec la voix de Françoise Vanhecke.

Déluges et Autres Péripéties (2014-15) Extrait de Annette Vande Gorne/Werner Lambersy. Avec les voix de Werner Lambersy, récitant - Françoise Vanhecke, soprano (inhaling singer ISFV®, improvisator) - Annette Vande Gorne, voix transformée et lecture des citations - 16 pistes « Nous attendons la destruction ». Cette phrase comme une litanie qui s’applique à toutes les activités des sociétés humaines aujourd’hui, m’a frappée par son implacable évidence. J’ai construit une suite enchaînée de courtes scènes différentes, avec les improvisations de Françoise Vanhecke et la nouvelle technique de chant par inhalation (inhaling voice) qu’elle a mise au point comme principale source de matériaux sonores. L’esprit de la pièce est celui d’un hörspiel en forme de cantate. Elle est encore inachevée, car prévue dans une forme longue de 45 à 60’. Avec l’aide du WBI (Wallonie-Bruxelles International), œuvre réalisée dans le studio 16 canaux « PanaRoma » de l’université de l’état de Sao Paulo (merci à Flo Menezes) et dans le studio 16 canaux « Métamorphoses d’Orphée » de Musiques et Recherches (Ohain, Belgique).

Friday 7 December 2018

22 December 2018: concert Osmose

22 December 2018: concert Osmose.

Discovery concert with 4 hands and 2 pianos

In collaboration with the Musée Grétry - As part of the exhibition Liège. Masterpieces.
This concert for 4 hands and 2 pianos, based on a call for partitions, promotes the works of Belgian and foreign composers in world creations, performed by Belgian artists.The works, lasting 3 minutes, display a multitude of styles and musical atmospheres. The concert features a selection of 21 composers, most of whom are European: Belgium, France, Spain, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Cuba and the United States of America.
After a first creation in Brussels on December 1st, 2018, this event will discover these new works in Liège, in the presence of composers.

Performers: Sachiko Yoshida & Fabio Schinazi interpret the work of Irma Bilbao and others.

More information and bookings: la boverie

Monday 8 October 2018

27 & 28 October 2018: ‘Tristesses’ at Seoul Performing Festival, Seoul (Kr) Role: Ida Heiger.

27 & 28 October 2018: ‘Tristesses’ at Seoul Performing Festival, Seoul (Kr).

Role: Ida Heiger

More information

10 November 2018: Logos Women.

10 November 2018: Logos Women.
Double bill concert

In the shed: Logos women, 20h00.

Since 1984, the Logos women ensemble has been performing on national and international stages. The ensemble has a varying line-up and uses field recordings, non-conventional instruments, music boxes and vocal techniques. Founding member and pivotal figure Moniek Darge gathers old(er) and new(er) members of the ensemble for this special performance. Singer Françoise Vanhecke, flutist Karin Defleyt and violinist Barbara Buchowiec, together with Moniek Darge, bring both new and older work.
In the Logos Tetraeder: Namuda show, 9:00 pm

In de loods: Logos vrouwen, 20u00.
Sinds 1984 prijkt het Logos women ensemble op nationale en internationale podia. Het ensemble heeft een wisselende bezetting en maakt gebruik van veldopnames, niet-conventionele instrumenten, muziekdozen en vocale technieken. Stichtend lid en spilfiguur Moniek Darge schaart voor deze speciale voorstelling zowel oude(re) als nieuwe(re) leden van het ensemble rondom haar. Zangeres Françoise Vanhecke, fluitiste Karin Defleyt en violiste Barbara Buchowiec brengen samen met Moniek Darge zowel nieuw als ouder werk.
In de Logos Tetraeder: Namuda voorstelling, 21u00

1 December 2018: Creation own work at the Festival Osmose.

1 December 2018: Creation own work at the Festival Osmose.

World première of 'Baasmusette' for piano 4 hands by Irma Bilbao has been selected and will be performed by Sachiko Yoshida and Fabio Schinazi on Saturday December 1st at 20h15 / l'Espace Toots, rue Stuckens 125 at 1140 Evere (Belgium).

December 2018: Lecture for Manama Research Seminar 2018-2019

6 December 2018: Lecture for Manama Research Seminar 2018-2019.

Lecture “The impact of ISFV® Inhaling Singing, a new extended vocal technique in vocal repertoire” at University College Ghent, Faculty of Music.

Friday 4 May 2018

05 May – 27 May 2018: theatre show "Tristesses" at Odéon, théâtre de l'Europe, Paris.


A show by Anne-Cécile Vandalem (Das Fräulein (Kompanie))

With Vincent Cahay, Anne-Pascale Clairembourg, Epona Guillaume, Selene Guillaume alternating with Asia Amans, Pierre Kissling, Vincent Lécuyer, Catherine Mestoussis alternating with Zoé Kovacs, Jean-Benoit Ugeux, Anne-Cécile Vandalem alternating with Florence Janas, Françoise Vanhecke and Alexandre Von Sivers.

"Tristesses":if the name is here plural, it means that it is both that of a Scandinavian island, a police suspense, a political symptom. The island is hardly imaginary. Anne-Cécile Vandalem has located a fable for our time. Martha Heiger, leader of the Popular Awakening Party and favorite of the next elections, returns to Tristesses to repatriate the body of her mother on the continent. But why did Ida commit suicide while hanging on to the Danish flag? And what does her daughter really do? "Tristesses" being also a Nordic thriller, we will not reveal more here, but the isolated houses on the night of the set are the scenery of a drama where outdoor stage and indoor filmed alternate on a pace worthy of the best series. Finally, Tristesses proposes a reflection on the rise of populisms: according to Vandalem, "the sadness of the peoples" is today one of the most formidable techniques of manipulation of the spirits. But "tears", she adds, "have an infinite aesthetic power", indeterminable, and "emotions can be momentum, motor, energy to initiate an active speech or act". This energy conquered in 2016 the audience of the Festival d'Avignon: by exposing the enslaving mechanisms of sadness, the artist invites you not to succumb to them.

Info & reservations:

Thursday 22 March 2018

Saturday 28th of April 2018: Françoise Vanhecke is Curator of World Voice day.

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke organises the 2nd World Voice day in the 'Concertstudio' at the 'Conservatorium' in Kortrijk (Flanders, Belgium).

Saturday 28th of April 2018.

Stedelijk Conservatorium
Conservatoriumplein 3
8500 Kortrijk
0032 (0) 56 27 78 80

More information about Françoise's contribution to World Voice Day? Please click on the following link:
Legato Kortrijk

10 March 2018: Françoise Vanhecke performs in musical show about Hugo Claus.

March 10 at 8 pm: CD performance 'Claus walks in Nukerke'. Place to be: GC the Marca

An evening-filling music program by Steef Verwée with images, theater and singing on texts by Hugo Claus, which he wrote when he lived in Nukerke. This show was specially designed for Maarkedal and is highly recommended!

  • Patricia Beyens, vocals
  • Dr. Françoise Vanhecke, singing
  • Steef Verwée, singing and presentation
  • Prof. dr. Herman Streulens and the Liliane Soudan Choir
  • Eddy Aelbrecht, piano
  • Dankaart Elst, cello
  • Prof. dr. Herman Streulens plays the 18th-century de la Haye - Van Peteghem organ
  • André Appeldoorn, light and sound
  • Jan Demets, film 'Molenlandschap'
  • Guido Vanderauwera performs an act from the play 'Claus' by Steef Verwée for 'Tinnenpot'

Monday 29 January 2018



  • 2 au 4 MARS 2018 – Théâtre de Liège (Be)
  • 8 et 9 MARS 2018 – Palais des Beaux-Arts, Charleroi (Be)
  • 14 et 15 MARS 2018 – Maison de la culture, Amiens (Fr)
  • 21 et 22 MARS 2018 – Le Tangram, Évreux (Fr)
  • 27 au 31 MARS 2018 – Les Célestins, Lyon (Fr)
  • 5 au 8 AVRIL 2018 – Théâtre Firmin-Gémier – La Piscine, Châtenay-Malabry
  • 12 et 13 AVRIL 2018 – L’Estive, Foix (Fr)
  • 8 au 20 AVRIL 2018 – Les Théâtres de Marseille (Fr)
  • 24 et 25 AVRIL 2018 – Centre culturel de Bruges (Be)
  • 5 au 27 MAI 2018 – Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe, Paris (Fr)

Sunday 10 December 2017

Lecture on December 14

Françoise Vanhecke will give a lecture for the Manama (Master after Master) Research Seminar the 14th of December at the School of Arts / Kask /Hogent Royal Conservatory Ghent from 10 - 12 a.m.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Actua november

November 2017 is quite a busy month.
  • November 8th: Yawar Fiesta with Annette Vande Gorne.
    Influx festival - l’espace du son International Acousmatic Festival Théâtre Marni November 8th - November 12th 2017. Also check out the DVD blue-ray Yawar Fiesta by Annette Vande Gorne with soprano Françoise Vanhecke.
    Influx fête la sortie de Yawar Fiesta en blu-ray! Yawar Fiesta est un opéra électroacoustique d'Annette Vande Gorne sur des textes de Werner Lambersy.
  • 17 en 18 november: Claus in Theater Tinnenpot - Muziek Steef Verwee
    . Inzingen het werk Thuis „Van horen zeggen” op tekst van Hugo Claus in de opnamestudio DK met de solo partij alsook de chorus lijnen.
    Reservatie: Tinnenpotstraat 21 Gent - 09 225 18 60
  • 28 november: Handelsbeurs Françoise Vanhecke is Special Guest! op het concert van de Blandinos gepland in de Handelsbeurs in Gent naar aanleiding vaneen PhD Party voor 10 jaar Doctoral Schools
    Meer info.
    “Dare to do”, that’s the slogan of the Blandinos! Françoise Vanhecke, Alessandro dell’Anna, Bert De Coensel, Valerio Lorenzoni, Marc Leman, Serge Hoste, Kristoffel Demoen, Dominik Phyfferoen and Bam Decrock will bring exactly the kind of music that you expect from a Jazz Combo… The perfect start to a perfect evening!

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Pevoc 12

A Round Table on "Interpreting inhaling sounds"

Presenter(s): M. Moerman, P. Simoens, F. Vanhecke, M. Barbieri, M. Kob (chairman M. Moerman) RT 5

August 30th, 2017 from 17h00 - 18h30

Location: Plenary Room, ground level

More Info:

Tuesday 15 August 2017

Authority - Opening met lezing

DeKANTFABRIEK, parel van industriële architectuur
Burchtdam 4
9400 Ninove

ZATERDAG 2 september 2017 VAN 20:00 TOT 23:00

Leeftijd: 12+
Prijs: € 10,0


On tour with Tristesses

Mark the following dates for performances of "Tristesses":
  • August 2017 – 17 to 19 – Zürcher Theater Spektakel – Zurich (Ch) (Click here for more info.)
  • September 2017 – 22 & 23 – Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles (Be) (Click here for more info.)
  • September 2017 – 16 & 17 – International Festival Theatre – Pilsen (Cs) Festival Divadlo (Click here for more info.)

Tuesday 23 May 2017

Concerts in June

The following concerts are scheduled for June 2017.
  • Another performance of "Tristesses" on June 8 and 9 during the Festival in Hannover. Click here for more info.
  • Solo Recital for the Logos Foundation on June 21. More info can be found here.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

"Inhaling singing" - techniek haalt het vakblad "Physics in Medicine"

Lees hier het interessante artikel over Françoise's ISFV-techniek in het vakblad "Physics in Medicine"

ICVT 2017 - Françoise Vanhecke treedt op met "More than a voice"

ICVT 2017 - the future of singing. International Congress of Voice Teachers in Stockholm, Sweden – 2-6 August 2017.
Sopraan Françoise Vanhecke presenteert haar unieke "inhaling singing"- techniek in het veelzijdige muziekstuk "More than a voice".
Neem een kijkje op: ICVT 2017

Thursday 6 April 2017

Kortrijkse "Dag van de stem"

Kom naar de Kortrijkse "Dag van de stem" op 22 april 2017.
"World Voice Day" of de "Dag van de stem" vindt dit jaar plaats te Kortrijk. Schrijf je in voor boeiende workshops en lezingen. Gratis voor studenten van het conservatorium.
Inschrijven is verplicht bij Françoise Vanhecke: Franç of via:
Bekijk hier de affiche.
Of surf naar: World Voice Day

Tuesday 21 March 2017

Guest performance during FIND 2017, Berlin

Françoise Vanhecke performs with "Tristesses" at the "Festival of International New Drama" in Berlin.
From March 30 to April 9, 2017, The "Festival of International New Drama" takes place at the "Schaubühne" in Berlin.
Françoise lends her voice to a humoristic drama that reveals how modern politics nowadays are manipulated by the questionable role of the media.

More info and tickets:
See also: FIND 2017

Sunday 5 February 2017

Update Concerts for March

For the month of March, the following concerts have been scheduled:
  • March 12: Solorecital "More than a Voice” at 11u00 at the Castle of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. This performance is part of the "Hommage aan Jacky Duyck". Click here for more information.
  • Tristesses on Tour, with the following performances:
    1. March 15,16 & 17 – MC2 Grenoble (Fr) (Click here for more information)
    2. March 21 & 22 – Bonlieu Scène Nationale d’Annecy (Fr) (Click here for more information)

Sunday 4 December 2016

10 december 2016: duet met Nicola Vigna

Op 10 december zingt Françoise Vanhecke een duet met Nicola Vigna in de schouwburg te Kortrijk.
Specale gast is Sandra Kim.
Tickets via Shouwburg Kortrijk.

Sunday 13 November 2016

Broadcast from Baden-Baden on SWR

Mark the day: Tuesday, November 15 2016, there is a broadcast on German radio SWR.

SWR 2 Kultur

The transmission from "Musik aus unseren Archiven" starts at 20u03 and ends at 21:00.
The entire broadcast can be followed on live stream via this link.

In this broadcast will be heard at the beginning and end the two vocal pieces from Klaus Burger:
  • „Poem” : text by Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, sung a cappella by Françoise Vanhecke
  • „Nur zwei Dinge” : text by Gottfried Benn, performed by Françoise Vanhecke and Zhana Minasyan
Both were recorded at the Rosbaud Studio Baden-Baden (SWR).

Click here for the broadcast.

Part 2 of 'Tristesses' on RTBF

Don't forget: on Monday, November 14, the 2nd part of 'Tristesses' will be aired on RTBF La-Trois (at 21u15).

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Saturday 5 November 2016

"Tristesses" on RTBF

"Tristesses" will be shown in two parts on Belgian national television La Trois - RTBF on Monday 7 and 14 november at 21u10.

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Watch la bande-annonce!

Thursday 13 October 2016

Performance in Modena

On October 13 and 14, Françoise will perfom "Tristesses" in the marvellous theatre "Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti" in Modena.
What a view!

Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti
Via Giulio Segni 14
41124 MODENA (MO)


Françoise has received two rewards for recent work:
  • "Tristesses" was voted as the "meilleur spectacle de l'année". In tristesses, she performs the role of IDA HEIGER and implements also her ISFV® vocal electronics developed during her PhD research.
  • "Five Easy Pieces" has received the "Prix Spécial du Jury". For this piece, Françoise was voice articulation coach.

Click here for the trailer of "Tristesses" or here for more information on the production.
Read what the press has to say about the piece.

Thursday 22 September 2016

Françoise Vanhecke: zang- en pianorecital, 3 december 2016, Centre Culturel de Lesquin (Frankrijk).

Françoise Vanhecke geeft een zang- en pianorecital in het kader van de zaterdagochtendshowcases in het cultureel centrum van Lesquin (Frankrijk, nabij Rijsel).

Kom naar dit miniconcert van deze veelzijdige sopraan, pianist, actrice, zanglerares en vocal coach. Gratis ingang!.

Voor meer informatie, bezoek de website van het cultureel centrum van Lesquin.

8 en 9 november: Françoise Vanhecke in de theatershow "Tristesses", theater "Le Volcan", Le Havre, Frankrijk.

Françoise Vanhecke schittert in de rol van Martha Heiger in de theaterproductie "Tristesses". Deze theatershow manifesteert zich als een echt thriller en handelt over de relatie tussen macht en verdriet.

Een productie die kan tippen aan de beste Scandinavische series zoals "Borgen" en "The Killing"!

Reserveer uw tickets direct bij "Théâtre Le Volcan" in Le Havre (Frankrijk).

26 - 29 oktober Théâtre de Namur: "Tristesses"

Van 26 tot 29 oktober kan u Françoise Vanhecke aan het werk zien in de theaterproductie "Tristesses" van Anne-Cécile Vandalem.

"Tristesses" is een muzikale theatervoorstelling die handelt over de relatie tussen macht en verdriet. Françoise Vanhecke speelt de rol van Martha Heiger, leidster van een extreemrechtse politieke partij. Deze voorstelling is een fascinerende thriller die doet denken aan de sfeer van de uitstekende Scandinavische series "The Killing" en "Borgen".

Reseveer uw kaartjes op de website van het "Théâtre de Namur".

7 en 8 oktober 2016: Françoise Vanhecke treedt op met de theatershow "Tristesses" te Vélizy Villacoublay (Frankrijk).

Op 7 en 8 oktober kan u Françoise Vanhecke bewonderen in de rol van Ida Heiger tijdens de theatershow "Tristesses".
De voorstellingen vinden plaats in "L' Onde Théâtre" te Vélizy Villacoublay, Frankrijk (nabij Versailles).
"Tristesses" is een muzikale theatervoorstelling met als belangrijkste onderwerp de relatie tussen macht en verdriet. Tickets bestellen kan op de volgende website:
Meer informatie over het theaterstuk vindt u onder de volgende link:

30 september 2016: Françoise Vanhecke treedt samen met Tareq Alsayed Yahay op in het kader van "10 jaar wolkenbreiers".

Ter gelegenheid van het tienjarige bestaan van het radioprogramma "De wolkenbreiers", treedt Françoise Vanhecke op samen met Tareq Alsayed Yahay.
Je kan Françoise een eerste maal aan het werk zien op vrijdag 30 september in de Oude Beurs, Hofstraat 15 te Antwerpen om 20 uur.
Op 23 oktober treedt ze nogmaals op als "Irma Bilbao".
Meer informatie over het radioprogramma "Wolkenbreiers" vind je onder de volgende link: "".

Bekijk ook zeker eens het programma hieronder:

23 & 24 september, Zagreb World Theatre Festival: voorstellingen met de productie "Tristesses".

Op 23 en 24 september 2016, tijdens het Zagreb World Theatre Festival (Kroatië), geeft Françoise Vanhecke een aantal voorstellingen met de productie "Tristesses". Françoise Vanhecke is een getalendeerde sopraan, inhaling singer en vocal coach. Meer informatie over haar optreden: surf naar: World Theatre Festival.