Thursday 23 September 2021

October 21st., 2021: Robotango: Flemish dance organs and Argentinian tango music.

 21 October 2021: "Robotango": Flemish dance organs and Argentinian tango music.

Where? Kelderzaal, De Centrale, Kraankinderstraat 2, 9000 Ghent.

Voice: Françoise Vanhecke

Dance: Pol Van Assche & Isolde Audooren

Robots: Logos Foundation

In collaboration with vzw Polariteit

Supported by: the Flemish Government & the city of Ghent

In this tango salon, Logos Foundation unites the Flemish tradition of the dance organs with the tradition of the Argentinian tango salons. Enjoy an evening full of rousing rhythms and sultry melodies! 11 robots and soprano Françoise Vanhecke perform tangos by Weill, Sassone, Gardel, Castillo, Piazzolla and Matos Rodríguez and make you dream of Buenos Aires. The quick steps and passionate movements of the dancers of vzw Polariteit take you to warmer places. If the corona measures allow this, a tango workshop will take place before the performance.

Youka / Kurt Weill

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