Thursday 23 July 2020

August 15th., 2020: open-air concert in Anzegem (Music under the trees).

Open-air concert Sint-Arnolduspark 15/08/20, 19:30 h.
Music under the trees
AUGUST 15, 2020
The open-air concert 'Music under the trees' is an ode to the trees that give us earth, water, air and fire.

  • Kaat Vanhaverbeke: accordion
  • Esther Coorevits: viola
  • Daphne Vandemeulebroucke: harp
  • Andy Declerck: sax and flute
  • Françoise Vanhecke: vocals
  • Carl Deseyn: piano and synthesizers

More information: Music under the trees.

October 10th., 2020:BASTA DIVA is back!

Concert on 10/10/2020: BASTA DIVA is back!

Basta Diva: hilarious music theater performance for all ages with Françoise Vanhecke in the role of singing star Carmella Lucia Pommodori di Monte Varlo.

Saturday, October 10th., 2020, 20.00 h.

schouwburg CC De Schakel