Monday 14 January 2013

3rd European Clarinet Festival (18-20 January 2013)

During the 3rd European Clarinet Festival, Françoise will give a lecture performance with Duo Phoenix on 19 January 2013 from 15.45 to 16.15. More information on the program can be found on this link.
The performance by Duo Phoenix will take place in the Mengal Hall, Conservatory Ghent.

More on Duo Phoenix:
Duo Phoenix started in 2007. Their goal is to perform their impressive repertoire from the 20th and 21st century, to improvise and to interact with other musicians and art forms in an expressive communication with the public. Just like the mythical bird Phoenix burns down and rises from the ashes, so is the clarinet/saxophone connected to the voice. The mixture of timbres of the vocal artist Françoise Vanhecke and reed player Stephan Vermeersch is a superb expressive combination. 
The program is eye-catching as well. A real Klondike for artists searching for new experiences.

*Le désir (soprano & clarinet/bass clarinet) / Vytautas Germanvavicius (Lituania) 5’11 *Ave Maria / Runchak (Ukraine) 6’
*Smek (soprano / vocal artist & clarinet / bass clarinet) / Irma Bilbao (Belgium) 3’40
*Dash (Soprano & clarinet) / Christian Henking (Switzerland) 6’
Three Blake songs / Meyer Kupferman (USA) 5’
(* composed for Duo Phoenix)

Workshop Evta

As previously announced, Françoise will do a workshop on Saturday March 16th 2013, 10h - 16h.

Through variety of musical styles discover a specific musical score through improvisation techniques.

Different methods and techniques of improvisation will be explored and applied into fragments of the graphical score of Aria from John Cage.

Venue: AZ Maria Middelares, Ghent
(max. 15 participants)

More information can be found on Facebook.