Friday 29 October 2021

October 30, 2021 - November 7th., 2021: World Choir Games.

October 30 - November 7, 2021, Flanders, Belgium.

Dr. Françoise Vanhecke will be part of the International Jury for the 11th. World Choir Games 2021 -  Flanders, Belgium.

More information: World Choir Games.

October 31, 2021: musical ode to the trees and the soundtrack to the book 'De Ommeloze'.

"The Ancient Tree" is a musical ode to the trees and the soundtrack to the book "De Ommeloze" about a hollow, single maple tree. 

On Sunday 31 October 2021, we will play the closing act of the project "A tree is more than it says" at 6 pm in the atmospheric flower studio De Egelantier - Otegem.  

Register : 0475 / 92 34 64

Entrance is free, with free contribution, bring a mouth mask.

Composer Carl Deseyn with Dimitri Tsiroyannis, Graciela Zaera, Andy Declerck, Esther Coorevits and soprano Françoise Vanhecke.

November 1st., 2021: memorial moment at the cemetery "Hoog Kortrijk"

On November 1, "Radio Reveil" organizes a memorial moment at the "Onument" at the cemetery of Hoog Kortrijk. 

At 17 o'clock the Alphabet Choir welcomes the visitors. Then the men of Blokbusters interview witnesses from different cultural backgrounds about their experiences with saying goodbye. The interviews are interspersed with music and poetry. 

The soprano Dr. Françoise Vanhecke closes this nice initiative. Everything can also be followed via livestream.

Monday 25 October 2021

September 18th., 2021 - November 13th., 2021: lecture series "Nouvelle Fiari"

The International Federation of Independent Revolutionary Art presents: lecture series "Nouvelle Fiari".

The impact of ISFV, inhaling singing, a new extended technique by dr. Françoise Vanhecke.

Watch the video: Fiari

Watch the video: Fiari