Tuesday 6 June 2023

A JOURNEY INTO THE UNIVERSE - February 4th., 2024

 A dizzying cosmic adventure.

A Journey Into The Universe is a collaboration (originated during the Covid captivity) between composer Pascal Coppé and soprano Françoise Vanhecke. The West Flemish duo has created a concept in which vocals, electronic music and images are woven together into a fascinating whole.

During the concert you will be immersed in a fascinating world with idiosyncratic vocals that also partly consist of improvisation. The electronic sound textures create dreamlike and enigmatic atmospheres. Pascal Coppé is not only responsible for the beautiful compositions, but is also for the captivating images that accompany the music. It will undoubtedly be an exceptional coffee concert, because for once Sint-Baafs-Vijve is the center of the universe.

Sunday, February 4th., 2024, church of Sint-Bavo, Sint-Baafs-Vijve

Tickets and information: CC De Schakel.

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