Thursday 10 August 2023

Thursday, August 24th., 19:00 o'clock: Paul Delvaux Museum, Sint-Idesbald: More than a voice.

More than a voice.

The singer Dr. Françoise Vanhecke, PhD brings her solo program with the unique combination of accompanying herself. Passionately curious and polyvalence characterizes the singer-composer and her unique Inhaling Singing - ISFV® technique with which she obtained her doctorate at UGent. As a trendsetter with performances from baroque to pop and experimental music, she is regularly on the program of major music festivals and theater houses in the world. In addition to a Palmo D'Oro in Italy, she exceptionally won the New York Women Composers Seed Grant for the second time in 2022.

As a polyvalent performer, she has previously performed in galleries and museums and in the context of international festivals such as for the VRT for documentaries about Ensor, Magritte, Vercruysse, De Braekeleer - Museum Sierkunsten and SMAK Ghent - Galerie Estampille Brussels - Gallery De Kantfabriek Aalst - RHoK Boonzaal Brussels - M Kha / Oude Beurs and De Zwarte Panter Antwerp as well as in Germany (Städtliche Galerie Villa Zanders Bergisch Gladbach) - Mexico (Museo Tamayo) - Hungary (2B Gallery Budapest) - Italy (C8lengo,Torino - La delirante, Milano – Artestudio, Bergamo) - France (Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris) and the Netherlands (Quartair Den Haag). People also remember her performance at the opening of the SMAK in Ghent with the act of Marina Abramovic.


Caro mio ben by Giuseppe Giordani

Seligkeit by Franz Schubert

Lascia ch'io pianga by G.F. Handel

Ave Maria by Caccini

Danza, danza, fanciulla gentile by Francesco Durante

Voi che sapete by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Youkali by Kurt Weill

Uranus from Coppe/Bilbao

Crocro song by Irma Bilbao

Ida van Cahay/Kissling

Young Blood (Gezelle/Bilbao)

Memories of Peter Cornelius

You are the center by Margaret Rizza

Je ne regrette rien by Edith Piaf

Silent Majesty of Rowland / Bilbao

Oriental by Anonymous

Registration by phone: +32 (0) 58 52 12 29

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