Friday 7 December 2018

22 December 2018: concert Osmose

22 December 2018: concert Osmose.

Discovery concert with 4 hands and 2 pianos

In collaboration with the Musée Grétry - As part of the exhibition Liège. Masterpieces.
This concert for 4 hands and 2 pianos, based on a call for partitions, promotes the works of Belgian and foreign composers in world creations, performed by Belgian artists.The works, lasting 3 minutes, display a multitude of styles and musical atmospheres. The concert features a selection of 21 composers, most of whom are European: Belgium, France, Spain, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Cuba and the United States of America.
After a first creation in Brussels on December 1st, 2018, this event will discover these new works in Liège, in the presence of composers.

Performers: Sachiko Yoshida & Fabio Schinazi interpret the work of Irma Bilbao and others.

More information and bookings: la boverie

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