Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dordt in Stoom (June 2)

Another performance is coming up. Alongside the 'Pierrot Lunaire' (Schönberg) show on June 3 in Bruges (in which Françoise will not only perform, but direct as well), there is a show in The Netherlands on June 2 on the occasion of the "Dordt in Stoom" happening in Dordrecht.

The ships in the 'Wolwevershaven' and the steam engines on the 'Kuipershaven' will be illuminated by hundreds of little lights on Saturday evening. Around 21.30, a canon will be fired and the 'Damiatebrug' over the port will open. While sailing in a small boat, Françoise will sing the 'Ave Maria' by Gounod. The 'Wolwevershaven' is definitely worth a small visit on that night, so you can fully enjoy this fairylike spectacle of Steam & Light.

Please check the website for more information.
The organisation advises to use public transportation to visit the festival or to park on the foreseen spaces. There are free buses available from each of those parking sites that will bring you straight into the heart of the happening. The tourist office (VVV) is also open and can be found at the following address: Spuiboulevard 99, or can be contacted by telephone: 0900-463 68 88.

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